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  • The 14th National MR Meeting, MR 2016, was arranged on June 16-17, 2016, in Bergen, Norway.

Bedriftsmedlemmer / Corporate Members

The Norwegian Society for Magnetic Resonance is proud to present its Corporate Members:

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Bruker Biospin Scaninavia AB

Logo for Bruker Biospin

Bruker BioSpin offers the world's most comprehensive range of NMR and EPR spectroscopy and preclinical MRI research tools. The Bruker BioSpin Group of companies develop, manufacture and supply technology to research establishments, commercial enterprises and multi-national corporations across countless industries and fields of expertise.


Logo for JEOL

JEOL - Manufacturing, marketing, development & research of Sophisticated Scientific Instruments. We pursue the world’s highest technology based on Creativity and Research and Development, thus contributing to progress in both Science and Human Society through our products.


Logo for JEOL

Larodan makes a comprehensive range of research grade Lipids for customers all over the world. They also provide Speciality Research Chemicals to the Nordic market, in collaboration with other international research chemicals companies.

Siemens medical

Logo for Siemens medical

Siemens is the No. 1 in the MRI market. Our MAGNETOM systems portfolio covers a wide range of field strengths, starting from 0.35 Tesla to 3 Tesla for the clinical routine. At 7 Tesla we offer a system dedicated to research and development and with our newest addition, the Biograph mMR, we have a hybrid scanner that fully integrates MRI and PET into a single system.

University of Oslo NMR Center

Logo for UiO NMR Center

The University of Oslo NMR Center services the NMR needs for Organic Chemistry, but also serves academic and commercial research in polymer chemistry, nuclear chemistry, organometallic chemistry, homogeneous catalysis, organic analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, material- and nano science, galenic pharmacy, medicinal pharmacy, botany, natural product identification, brain metabolism research, metabolomics studies, algae toxin research, protein structure elucidation and many other research fields.

Xellia Pharmaceuticals

Logo for Xellia

Xellia is a leading provider of life-saving anti-infective drugs, vertically integrating API and specialized pharmaceutical presentations ranging from generic dry-fill and freeze-dried vials to proprietary delivery systems.